Russell R. Bateman Preferred Russ

459 East 700 South

St. George, Utah 84770-4016

Idaho Falles, Bonniville, Idaho Born 11 Feb 1930

Married: Myrna "Gaye" Barton March 20, 1954 in the St. George Temple.:

First moved to St. George in 1939.

We have four children, Russell Jr married to Julene. He is a computer programer for Novell and lives in Provo, Utah. Randall married to Cheryl Jean. Randy is a Broadcast Engineer for KBYU and lives in Orem. Nedra is married to Alan Demille, a Police Lt and lives in Richfield. Nesya is Married to David Collings. David is a Security Agent for Electronics Company in Texas.


Dixie High School, St. George, Utah

San Diego Junior College

San Diego State College

UCLA, San Diego

University of California

University of Colorado

University of Utah

Weber State College

Civil Defense Academy Kansas City, Mo.

Communications CD Academy, Battle Creek Mi


Military CAP Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama

Search & Rescue-Coast Guard-Governor Island, NY

Mission Coordinators Hamilton AFB, Ca

USN Comm Intelligence - Cheltenham, MD

USN Comm Intelligence - San Diego, CA


Russís first involvement in a Military Organization was in 1943 (age13) When Russ was issued his uniform, Springfield Rifle and GI Equipment. The information that was filled out on the enlistment form was correct, but they were taking anyone they could get to fill the requirements for personnel to train to repel the threat of Japanese invading the pacific Coast and the "Balloon Invasion." At the end of WWII in 1946, equipment was turned in and the members were discharged.

In 1947, Russ enlisted the Naval Reserved, but latter changed to the Utah National Guard. July, 1948 Russ enlisted in the U. S. Navy and was sent to San Diego for training. Later, he was trained in Cyrillic (Russian) and Chinese codes and worked in Communications Intelligence. Russ served in Alaska , Washington DC, Europe and San Diego. He was assigned to the Navy Department in London England for one year, "Finger Printed Radars" and Searching for Russian Guided Missile Signals.

He retired from the U. S. Air Force with 34 years of service including Utah State Guard, Utah National Guard, Utah Air National Guard, U. S. Navy and U. S. Air Force Reserve.

Service Positions

Russ was active in the Boy Scouts and after gaining 1st Class, He went into Air Scouts, which was latter dissolved. He has worked in many public service positions. Starting with the March of Dimes in his last year of High School, and continuing today with activities such as the St. George Marathon and St. George Live.

Russ served as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. As a senior member, He served in several positions including Director of Communications and Utah Deputy Wing Commander. He was a certified Mission Coordinator, conducting many Search Missions and was awarded a "find ribbon" for locating a downed (Mail) aircraft.

He was awarded The Meritorious Service Award and The Exceptional Service Award by the U S Air Force.

Russ presently serves as Chief FYMON for the USAF MARS (Military Affiliate Radio Service) Staff for Region 5 ( Utah CO, ID, OR, UT, WA, & WY ) and as a member of the Utah Beehive Radio Net which meets daily.


Russ was employed by Convair Voltee Aircraft, working on the Convair Liners 340, 580,& T29, R3y Flying Boat, Sea Dart, F102 & F106. He was one of the first transferred to the General Dynamics Atlas Missile Program, in the position of Research and Development Tech., latter being promoted to Test Engineer, Sycamore Canyon Block House Engineer, Design Engineer and Supervisor.

Russ and Gaye were the Owners of Sun Engineering, a Electrical, Two Way Radio and Appliance company in St. George, Utah. Russ worked for Martin Denver on the Titan IV Missile Program as an Engineering Planning Specialist. Mountain States Telephone- Engineering Department, State of Utah - Communication Planner, and Bonneville International - TV Broadcast Engineer. Russ & Gaye owned Dixie Paging and Communications.

Church Experience.

Russ was elected President of the San Diego Region E-men/Gleaner program. He has held many Church assignment including Stake High Councilor. He served as an Military LDS Service Men's Group Leader for 16 years and was an Temple Ordnance worker for four years. He served a full time Mission ( Assistant to the director) in the St. George Temple Visitors Center and was called back  as a Service Missionary.. He presently he services as a Service Missionary at the St. George Regional Family History Center, St. George Temple Visitors' Center, and Cove Fort.

Russ is a members of the Cotton Mission Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers.


Russ has been an active Amateur Radio for over 50 years, Member of the Red Rock Road Runner RV Chapter of Good Sams,

Most Memorable Event in my life.

Working in High Classified activity in the Navy, Russ was investigated as being a spy. It was a mistaken Identity, but it took three months of investigation to clear Russ. It was while he was President of the San Diego Area M-Men & Gleaner program. The FBI agents said that they had a real task trying to keep track of him as he was constantly chasing from one meeting to another, on the go all the time he wasnít on duty. Russ felt that something was wrong, but didnít know what it was until his bishop ( who Russ was living at his home) was taken in for questioning, two months into the investigation. The FBI told the bishop that he couldnít tell Russ about it, but they didnít say that the bishop couldnít tell his wife and she told Russ. The following month, Russ was one scared sailor boy who spent much time on his knees. He was finally cleared and received an apology from the Top Ranking Military Commander in the San Diego area.
15 Feb 2005

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15 Feb 2005